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Maybe you’d like to try one of Diana’s on-line writing courses for 2014? Her three courses – Write for Women’s Magazines, Write Travel Articles, and the unique Write with Confidence! are all written in her practical and inspiring style.

An award-winning journalist, editor and author, Diana has distilled all she’s learned in an entire career into these programmes. You can start today!

Each is personalized to you – with mentoring. Take the courses at your own pace, use work in progress, past writing or new work and receive valuable professional help and personal advice – only from Diana.

All courses include confidence building tips – but Write with Confidence! is ALL about confidence and being happy. This course will give you and your writing a huge boost.

There’s lots of strategies and techniques for relaxation, being productive, finding new ideas, shedding doubts and nerves, beating apathy and lethargy, and having the essential confidence to submit – yes, really submit! - your work, and gaining the ability to cast rejection aside.

Your writing workbook to build up…

For each part of your course you’ll receive by e-mail (or post if you prefer) a detailed workbook, with practical exercises, which you can print out. Collect all the parts in a ring binder and you’ll build up a professional writing handbook.

At the end of every section of your enjoyable and inspiring course, there’s three practical tasks and an assignment for you to submit to Diana. She will send back feedback within ten days.

Each time you send back your practical exercises you will receive her personal mentoring and critiques. You can work on your own writing in progress, writing you’ve done in the past but not submitted (or had rejected) or fresh work. As you go though the course you’ll definitely grow in confidence and expertise and, at the end of your course, you can have an optional personal telephone tutorial with Diana.

The Diana Cambridge coaching courses…

A: Write for Women's Magazines: £112

A 5 -part course with Diana. An optional telephone tutorial - then you’ll have a chance to decide on your next steps. During the course you will work towards articles, features or letters being published. You’ll be armed with all the know-how, insider tips and tricks of writing for this market. Plus you’ll have a fascinating history of women’s magazines from the day they were first printed…magazine addicts love this course!

B: Write Travel Articles:  £76

This 4- part course helps you work towards your goals – a travel article, travel diary or even notes for a travel book. Use work in progress, work you’ve done but have not submitted, or fresh work.

You’ll gain true professional expertise in the travel writing arena. Included is a tutorial from celebrated travel author David Kernek, former editor of Holiday Villas and Holiday Cottages, journalism lecturer and Fellow of the prestige World Press Institute, Minnesota. As UK Fellow, he spent one year travelling around the USA, writing and teaching.

C: Write with Confidence!  £42

A unique 4-part course which addresses all the anxieties that writers face – and gives practical and workable help. This course includes one optional free telephone coaching session with Diana. Bring all your anxieties and the barriers that hold you back.

During this course, you can work on any kind of writing (it doesn’t matter if you are not even currently writing) – the exercises will help release your creativity and battle your writers’ block. If you are in a "stuck" period of your life – and your writing – then this is the course to pick. It’s short, enjoyable, and achievable.

Contact Diana for more details - diana@dianacambridge.co.uk to start your course today! She will send you an enrolment form to download.

Payment is by cheque to Diana Cambridge at Diana Cambridge , 1 Coburg Villas, Camden Road, Bath, BA15JF – or by international bank draft. Details from Diana at diana@dianacambridge.co.uk

Tuition is by e-mail (plus an optional telephone tutorial) – but if there’s any reason why this would be inconvenient for you, we are more than happy to offer the same tuition by post. We already do this for several students.

If you’d like to know more about our Diana Cambridge  writing courses, please e-mail diana@dianacambridge.co.uk .

Buy direct from Amazon, or at a discount price of £13 99 for the pair direct from Diana Cambridge, signed by the author. No p and p, and books are shipped the same day. Make cheques payable to Diana Cambridge.

Diana Cambridge
1 Coburg Villas
Camden Road
Bath BA1   5JF

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